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May 2012 - NASAC members Mark, Sara, Pip and Albie were part of the team responsible for relocating the Gresham Ship timbers from Horsea to Stoney Cove (more.....).

5 April 2012 - Club meeting at Fort Cumberland to start cleaning out the Casemate. 7:00 pm

31 March - 1 April 2012 - Trips to HMS Invincible site to continue survey work for Dan. Please contact Dan to reserve your place.

24-25 March 2012 - New VHF radio installed and temporary protective screen fitted around GPS.

17 March 2012 - After her first engine service, Honor completed her first sea trials by taking 7 divers out to dive the protected wreck site of HMS Invincible. Engine and boat behaved flawlessly, though the same couldn’t be said for the radio (Solent Coastguard couldn’t hear us!) or the swanky touchscreen GPS which didn’t work when soaking wet and poked with a wet finger! More work for the boat officer.

September 2012

6th - Club Meeting, 7:00 pm, Fort Cumberland -  a compressor training session will be held at the September Club Meeting -  once members have been signed off as competent to use the compressors by the equipment officer they may use them unsupervised.

7th - DIVING - Holland V and Normans Bay

August 2012

The electric and petrol compressors have both been serviced and passed their air quality tests (huge thanks to Alby, Pip and Sara for all their hard work on this.

July 2012

We are sad to report that Steve Nash, NASAC founder member, fundraising officer and all round good egg (Steve, that’s not a reference to your waistline :-) ) has decided to stand down from the club. As  many club members will be aware, Steve has been signed off from diving for some time and so has decided to make a clean break with the entire diving scene.

Steve, many thanks for all you have done for the Club. Whatever you do next,  and wherever you turn your talents next, we wish you the very best.

February 2013

Club Meeting - a packed house with friends from SADSAC and PERNSAC to hear Julian Whitewright from the HWTMA talk about ideas for Heritage Partnership agreements for non designated wreck sites.


NASAC dive planning workshop 2013

Friday 5th April - Club Meet (note Friday, not Thursday) and Beer and Skittles at the Royal Maritime Club - £12.00 per ticket (includes a basket meal), friends and family welcome. Contact Sara for tickets.

Saturday 6th April - Dive planning workshop at Fort Cumberland - to include dive planning, safety and logistics, boat and compressor training, followed by a well earned curry - plan the dive

Sunday 7th April - Club dive (weather permitting) - dive the plan

News Archive (newest first)

Trailer Working Parties 2013

The new trailer axles have been ordered and are scheduled for delivery on 28th February.  In order to be up and running as soon as possible after they arrive we need to remove the old axles and grind off and prepare the mudguard brackets beforehand. The following provisional dates are suggested.

Saturday 16th Feb - jack up trailer, remove wheels, remove flush kit, remove brakes, remove axles, grind off mudguard brackets.

Thurs 28th Feb - new axles arrive.

Sunday  3rd March - fit new axles, fit new brake lines, refit flush kit, refit wheels, road test.